Wednesday, 10 September 2008

γυμνάζειν (gymnazein)

I spent a good amount of time trying to settle on a proper name for this blog. Something simple. To the point. Something that would evoke feelings of 'let's get off my rump' and do something - anything! So after thinking about it really hard, I settled on the Ultra Incredible Turbo Fitness Blog or UITFB. Just reading out the acronym made it sound special.

I knew things were off to a great start - that is until I turned on the TV to an informercial selling the Ultra Incredible Turbo Fat Blaster. Sabotage. 


So it was back to the drawing board and this was the birth of 'Gymnazein' (fortunately). This Greek verb is derived from the adjective 'gymnos,' meaning to 'naked.' Gymnazein actually has the meaning 'to do physical exercise' -  for those of you who never took a Classics course, the Greeks actually disrobed entirely to perform exercise, hence the link between the adjective and the verb. What better way to connote movement than a fancy Greek word that means just that!

On a more serious note, my passion for strength and conditioning has grown over the past 4 years to the point where I finally feel I might have something valuable to offer you. My focus here shall be on resistance training with equal emphasis on high intensity cardiovascular training. Nutrition and lifestyle will also guest star. So come in, look around, and call your friends.

Here we go..

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hoolie said...

Comprehensive, easy to read, fantastic descriptions of the exercises but most importantly...practical shit that we can actually use!!
You may not be here anymore but now I can tap into your training brilliance for free...wait I never did pay you in Tornto did I?!
You rock.